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Discover our dedication to delivering tailored, competitive, and fast services—from swift deliveries to efficient project management, we prioritize your satisfaction with precision.

International Freight Forwarding

We provide businesses with professional and reliable freight forwarding services, ensuring smooth transportation and delivery of goods for all sizes.

Chartering, Warehousing, and related Logistics Services

We specialize in chartering vessels and offering warehousing solutions, optimizing supply chain management for streamlined operations.

Customs clearance & legal affairs.

With expertise in customs regulations and legal matters, our team ensures hassle-free customs clearance and compliance for your goods.

Trucking services

Utilizing a broad network and a modern fleet, we deliver efficient and cost-effective trucking services across the GCC and the Kingdom.

Project Logistics and Consultancy

We specialize in handling complex, large-scale projects, offering expert logistics solutions and consultancy that cover every aspect from planning to execution.

Heavy lift transportation and crane services

Our heavy lift transportation services include lifting and moving oversized and heavy cargo with precision and safety, supported by our crane services.

Efficient export freight operations

We handle all aspects of export freight operations, allowing businesses to navigate complex export processes smoothly, ensuring timely delivery and compliance.

High-impact services that keep you moving.

Elevate your experience with our high-impact services designed to keep you moving forward. Whether it’s rapid solutions or transformative strategies, we ensure you stay on the path to success.


TFPL Co Ltd (HQ)

6866 As Sahl Al Akhdar Street (3rd floor Suite 301),

Al Ruwais 23213,


Tel: +9669-2000-6028

Email: tfpljed@tfpl.com.sa


TFPL Co Ltd (HQ),

Amer Bin Qais Al Ashari street, Building No.5 (3rd floor, Suite 12), Al Mazruiya District.


Tel: +9669-2000-6028

Email: tfpldam@tfpl.com.sa


TFPL Co Ltd,

2823 Al Urubah Road (1st Floor, Suite 3), As Sulimaniyah


Tel: +9669-2000-6028

Email: tfplruh@tfpl.com.sa

Offices all over the Kingdom

Our widespread presence ensures prompt and localized support for all your needs.

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia