TFPL Delivers Unmatched Success with Seamless Cargo Projects

TFPL had a highly productive and successful day on Saturday, October 14th, as they flawlessly managed three special cargo projects. TFPL efficiently transported two landing gears from Madinah Airport to Singapore using a combination of road and airfreight methods. Additionally, they expertly handled the reception of an entire crane at Jeddah port, loading it onto a mix of flatbed and lowbed trailers, and seamlessly delivering it to Riyadh. TFPL also demonstrated their expertise by safely and promptly moving a generator, along with its surroundings, from Riyadh to Buraydah using a hydraulic modular trailer. The offloading process was executed flawlessly with the assistance of heavy-lift jacks. Thank you to our #Global Values partner: #MVT in Singapore.
In another remarkable accomplishment, TFPL successfully received and delivered a dismantled crane consisting of 20 parts. These parts were skillfully distributed among five mafi trailers and loaded onto eight trailers for transportation to Riyadh. After a smooth two-day journey, all trailers arrived at the end user’s site in Riyadh, where the crane would be assembled and put to use in the steel recycling industry as a vital component of the “Green Saudi Initiative.” TFPL skillfully oversaw the port operations and the meticulous offloading at the site, led respectively by Mr. Suffian Raza and Mr. Fakhar Aziz Khan.
The third one was yet another testament to TFPL’s commitment to excellence. Their Out of Gauge Specialist, Mr. Fakhar Aziz Khan, handled the transport and offloading of four massive generators in the Buraydah area with utmost precision and efficiency. Each generator, measuring an impressive 972*295*435 cm and weighing a staggering 54,000 kilograms, was flawlessly moved from Riyadh to the destination using a Hydraulic Modular Trailer. Once on-site, TFPL’s team, equipped with heavy-lift jacks boasting a capacity of 400 tons, skillfully lowered each generator and expertly positioned them on their final foundation using sliding beams. TFPL expresses profound gratitude to their esteemed customer and their exemplary colleague, Fakhar Aziz Khan, for their invaluable support throughout this successful endeavor.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia