TFPL Successfully Handles Historic Export Project of 800 Trucks in Joint Venture with AVI

In June 2023, TFPL completed a remarkable project under the supervision of General Manager Mr. Karim El Keilany and Operation Manager Nahid Jamal. The project involved exporting 800 trucks assembled by Arabian Vehicles & Trucks Industry Ltd (AVI), a joint venture between Zahid Tractor & Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd and Volvo Truck Corporation. AVI successfully assembled the trucks on their assembly line, and TFPL was trusted with the task of coordinating the logistics for this significant endeavor. With the dedicated support of our operation team, TFPL efficiently cleared the units from Jeddah Islamic port and seamlessly loaded them onto vessel #Grande mirafiori.
This achievement demonstrates TFPL’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service. Our team, led by Mr. Karim El Keilany and Nahid Jamal, effectively managed this intricate project of exporting 800 trucks manufactured at AVI. TFPL’s expertise in handling such complex logistics operations shines through as we successfully cleared the units at Jeddah Islamic port and securely loaded them onto vessel #Grande mirafiori. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence and our ability to tackle demanding projects with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia